CNN Loves Rapists!

Like me, you’ve been watching the Jodi Arias trial with one single thought on your mind: What a terribly sad awful shame. That’s what you’ve been thinking. That poor, poor woman, (you’re thinking). If guilty of the crime she has thrown her life away. It’s tragic, you’re thinking, whilst shaking your head sorrowfully. How could anyone have anything but sympathy for her!

Oh, have I presumed too much? You don’t have sympathy? I guess there’s a difference between an alleged murderer and a convicted rapist then?

CNN thinks so because CNN loves rapists! It feels really sad when they misbehave and do something naughty like raping – but you know, boys will be boys! But then the nasty old judge has to treat it as if it’s like, you know, something serious, and the poor, poor rapists have their lives ruined!

Imagine that. Having your life ruined just because you did some raping. Not only are they going to prison but their names will also be on a sex offender register! Isn’t that terrible! How can handsome young men who play sports well possibly be on a sex register?

“My life is over” said one of the rapists. Doesn’t it make your heart break? The “victim”, whoever she is, probably felt that way too, but CNN didn’t waste time on her. If only she’d kept quiet about it, those two handsome athletic rapists could be running around a sports field right now!

The Steubenville rape trial. Sympathy for the rapists, death threats toward the victim. Blaming the victim, dismissive attitude of rape by those in authority. The boys’ ignorance in what constitutes rape and their pride in treating a girl as nothing more than a vagina.

Too much! Too much!

I wanted to write about Steubenville,  but it’s just too big. And too sad.

I hope, I really do, that it’ll be a famous case in the future, 100 years from now. People will look at it the way we look at witch trials, I hope. Why didn’t people understand what rape was? People will say. Why did they hate women so much? People back then were really really dumb!

I hope.

But it’ll only happen if people make it so. When teachers at a school dismiss rape as less important than the performance of a football team, we have fucked up. When a 16 year old girl is blamed for being raped instead of the 2 boys who, you know, did the raping, something is very wrong. And when a national network news channel spends five minutes over how sad it is to see convicted rapists being sentenced, we all should be afraid.

Rape is a choice of the rapist.



“Being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.”

~ Jessica Valenti ~


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  1. it’s really a sad reflection of US ‘party culture’ that stuff like this is happening and that yes, some media outlets almost excuse the perpretrators
    i’m always saddened to hear cases like this, and of course the woman involved deserves our sympathy
    i’m sure she will be traumitised by this for many years because of the events of that night

    i really believe though, that if you get wasted to the point of being unconscious, then you run the risk of something negative happening to you (unless you live in a place with zero crime)
    this is just common sense, and i think it’s important that we don’t lose sight of that, when looking at this tragic case
    whilst there are too many rape apologists around, there are also those on the other side who are too quick to say that a person who who has drunken themselves to the point of unconsciousness, bears no responsibility if she/he is subsequently robbed, attacked or raped
    this line of thinking is, is just illogical and almost as destructive as the ‘she was asking for it’ argument used by some rape apologists

    it’s happened to me before, i’ve been attacked and been robbed, when i was in brazil several years ago
    was it my fault? i would say no, but….(keep reading)
    was i a bit naive to go down the beach when it was getting dark, when i knew there’s favelas close by? yes
    do i bear any responsibility for what happened? not for the attack, of course not, but i think i bear some responsibility yes, because i put myself in that position in the first place, i really didn’t use my common sense, and so i ended up being attacked, and yes i was traumitised for some years afterwards, i put myself in a dangerous situation, and unfortunately, i paid the price

    you see what i’m getting at?

    there are bad people in this world, there are guys out there who will rape women, it’s a sad fact of modern human society, i wish it were not so, but it is so
    and quotes like that one you’ve quoted from Jessica Valenti don’t help matters, if anything they make things worse, by denying the need for personal responsiblity, by turning into an emotional argument and abandoning logic along the way
    people, young and old, have to become aware of the need to be responsible for themselves
    whilst i’m all in favour of harsh sentences for rapists, i’m equally in favour of people taking responsibility for themselves, and not knowingly putting themselves into dangerous situations and circumstances
    i’m aware that most (perhaps all) of your readers will disagree with my views, and i’m not here to provoke people
    i just want to provide another angle, one which i feel is important and which i think has been glossed over somewhat in the black and white, pro and anti, media coverage of this case

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